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I enjoyed myself so much with border-radius (CSS) today. I hope you like it!

I also reworked a lot of PHP code site. It does not change much visually, except for the page title. But for me, the code is clearer and also more optimistic.

Looking for Poles to test my mod KxK Aporcypha Home because someone translate me but there are problems with special characters and I can not test myself, because I need an executable that comes TESV.exe Poles games to see how the characters appear. If you want to test, contact me.
This is a great day for my site. Because it opens a little more about the world.
I finished translating. It's not great results but people from other countries should at least be able to find what they seek.

Have fun!
I put in the translation of the preview site. So far only the title and menus are translated.
This should allow non-Francophones visit.
Adding a mod for Skyrim : KxK Red Dragon dagger.

KxK Apocrypha Home have to happen for Polish.
Update mod apex Ship to make it compatible with the version Beta v. Furious Koala and adding 2 mods Starbound.
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