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You need the DLC Dragonborn

IMPORTANT : The book is automatically added when you kill Miraak or is already dead.

A house in the pocket! Go to your home or almost anywhere, just read the "black book - manor."

If you have difficulties, post a comment!

-10 mannequins
-16 gun racks
-1 forge
-1 alchemy lab
-1 Enchantment table
-bed, storage...

Special Elements :
-Converse 6 cores dragons against a skill point.
-Made back plants lend themselves to be harvested infinite.
-Mannequins with postures (unfinished)
-Daedric weapons racks.
-Alchemy table that removes / puts the ingredients in your inventory automatically (there is a fix for ingredients Dawnguard, download section).

The main mod :     

The fix for Dawnguard :
-added ingredients Dawnguard for alchemy table.

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