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My personal texture pack for minecraft.
I try to stay up in shades of textures by default (except for the red powder).

I left the pack LB photo realism which contains parts of the pack MISA I applaud the work.

    *compatibility 1.7.2
    *removed cloud and GUI textures
    *new textures :
        -leaves wrapped around a pole
        -pumpkin view inside
        -hight grass
        -"test of stained glass"
        -cut acacia log
        -plank acacia and black oak
        -quartz (all)
        -red stone bloc
        -red sand
        -some tree seed
        -all wools
    *lots of particles
    *Not released*
    *compatibility 1.6.2
    *new textures :
        -furnace +animation
        -glow block
    *known bugs:
        -textures lava and water
    *compatibility 1.4.6
    *new texture :
        -jungle plants
    *compatibility 1.4.4
    *new textures :
        -stand alchemy
        -red flower
        *particle :
            -popularity vilagger
    *new textures :
        -cut log
        -all woods
        -all minerals
        -seed cocobean
        -seed jungle
        -seed oak
        -red flower
        -block lapilazuli
        -Nether Wart
    *texture renew :
        -wood door
        -iron door
    *new textures :
        -particle smoke
    *textures renew :
        -redstone lamp (light)
    *new textures :
        -red torch
        -redstone repeater
        -icon's pack thx Perchu :)
----maj LB realism 256x vers V5---
    *new textures :
        -wood plank
        -wood plank from jungle tree
        -grass plant
        -yellow flower
        -foliage from basic tree
        -unbreakable stone
        -ivy vine
        -wooden door
        -stone brick
    *texture renew :

Version 13 (1.7.2)

Version 11 (1.6.x)

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