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Mi textura personal pack para minecraft.
Trato de mantenerme en gamas de texturas por defecto (excepto el polvo de color rojo).

Salí de la manada LB photo realism que contiene partes de la manada MISA Aplaudo el trabajo.

    *compatibility 1.7.2
    *removed cloud and GUI textures
    *new textures :
        -leaves wrapped around a pole
        -pumpkin view inside
        -hight grass
        -"test of stained glass"
        -cut acacia log
        -plank acacia and black oak
        -quartz (all)
        -red stone bloc
        -red sand
        -some tree seed
        -all wools
    *lots of particles
    *Not released*
    *compatibility 1.6.2
    *new textures :
        -furnace +animation
        -glow block
    *known bugs:
        -textures lava and water
    *compatibility 1.4.6
    *new texture :
        -jungle plants
    *compatibility 1.4.4
    *new textures :
        -stand alchemy
        -red flower
        *particle :
            -popularity vilagger
    *new textures :
        -cut log
        -all woods
        -all minerals
        -seed cocobean
        -seed jungle
        -seed oak
        -red flower
        -block lapilazuli
        -Nether Wart
    *texture renew :
        -wood door
        -iron door
    *new textures :
        -particle smoke
    *textures renew :
        -redstone lamp (light)
    *new textures :
        -red torch
        -redstone repeater
        -icon's pack thx Perchu :)
----maj LB realism 256x vers V5---
    *new textures :
        -wood plank
        -wood plank from jungle tree
        -grass plant
        -yellow flower
        -foliage from basic tree
        -unbreakable stone
        -ivy vine
        -wooden door
        -stone brick
    *texture renew :

Version 13 (1.7.2)

Version 11 (1.6.x)

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